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Social-MediaIncrease audience. Build awareness. Drive sales.

With the huge volume of traffic now being funneled through social media channels like Facebook and Twitter, more and more companies are looking for intelligent marketing solutions that can drive consumer awareness for their brand.

As an experienced leader in the field, Digital First Media Philly offers integrated marketing campaigns that can drive traffic to your website, raise interest and improve your brand’s reputation. Through strategic and selective placement of advertisements on breaking news Twitter feeds and Facebook fan pages, we can help your company develop and maintain an active ongoing social media presence for a very cost-effective price.

Digital First Media Philly Social Reach
75,000 Facebook fans
82,000 Twitter followers

DFM Philly offers a full range of Social Media services:

Full needs assessment — As pioneers in the field of social media, our staff is fully qualified to help you pre-determine the best avenues to incorporate in your strategy. Together with our parent company we’ve been designing successful media platforms for clients since the industry first emerged nearly a decade ago. We can help you target and engage customers virtually anywhere on the web.

Full creative & production capabilities — Whether you want us to build your pages from scratch or add design and functionality to your existing page, we can do it all. From creating custom fan pages to building your fan base and boosting communities, we can help you cross promote your business across multiple platforms and deliver calculable, measurable results.

Track, optimize & report — Our technology distributes and optimizes your campaign across the web using our vast AdTaxi Networks. We help you track your campaign to measure your success and use those insights to monitor, optimize and improve your results. You can access our detailed reports anytime through our AdTaxi Networks dashboard and we’ll help you break it all down … from clicks and calls to likes and retweets.

Advertising Opportunities:

Build your social audience by taking advantage of our vast suite of social media products including Facebook Targeted Ads, Contests and Build-Out Packages.

Facebook Banner Ads

Feature a (160×600) static banner ad along the left side of our Main News Facebook pages.

Facebook In-Feed Ads

We can feature an in-feed ad on our Facebook page to promote your business. Ad includes a logo and text message.

Facebook Contests

By taking advantage of our Facebook fans, we can help you grow your database, increase sales, expand your viral reach and build user engagement.

Facebook Timeline

Facebook Accelerator will jump-start fan growth on your Facebook Timeline. It’s a strategic & integrated plan to get your Timeline off to a great start.

Twitter In-Feed Ads

We can feature an in-feed ad on our Twitter accounts to promote your business. Ad includes a logo and text message.

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