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Optimize your online advertising and reach over 85% of consumers on the web!

More Search Reach – Less Work – More Time to Run Your Business
Today’s consumers use search engines to look for products and services to fill their needs in the same way they have traditionally used newspapers, Yellow Pages and other print directories. Whoever offers them the solutions, products or remedies for those needs, will get their business.

By including Search Engine Marketing (SEM) in your online portfolio, you can optimize the return on your advertising dollars significantly. Digital First Media Philly offers both guaranteed click and budget-based SEM campaigns that utilize reverse proxy phone numbers and custom landing pages. Your SEM message loads to over 30 key search engines reaching over 85% of the web!

Our SEM programs guarantee traffic to your website!

Broad Reach
Advertisers can reach over 85% of all online consumers through top search engines like Yahoo!, Google, Bing and others. In short, your message will be where consumers are looking.

Targeted Advertising
Advertisers get qualified consumer traffic who are actively searching for their type of business or the products they sell.

Predictable Pricing
With SEM, you’ll get fixed-fee pricing. Advertisers only pay for a guaranteed package of clicks so they can more easily manage their ad budgets.

Turnkey Solutions
SEM saves time. Advertisers can save hours by letting us do the work. We’ll make bids on key words, manage the search engines and track and consolidate the results.

With one contact, advertisers can change key words on all search engines.

Guaranteed Clicks
Search Engine Marketing guarantees traffic to your website.

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