AdTaxi Networks

AdTaxiOur own AdTaxi Networks can connect you with any market in America!

Target and retarget customers all across the Internet.

Our AdTaxi Networks specialize in delivering custom digital solutions for brand advertisers across every media platform – online display, mobile, search, social and email. We can target your audience wherever they are on the web with our premium and exchange inventories, and continually optimize your campaign to achieve your branding and direct response goals.

In addition to our premium online audience and our partnership with Yahoo!, we now have the ability with our Audience Extension platform to tap into 95% of the available display banner inventory in the United States. Our targeting engine combines premium publisher-owned data with real-time, privacy-compliant data that delivers registration based demographic, behavioral and purchase intent data on over 200 million unique visitors each month.

Complete Funnel Solutions – From branding and direct response to deep funnel retargeting campaigns, our audience team delivers custom executions across mobile, tablet, social, search and display campaigns – all working together and continuously optimized to achieve brand and direct response goals.

Our solutions differ from “traditional” digital ad networks in that we’re an “audience” network. Each and every audience segment is refined to deliver exactly the audience you want, at the right price. We’ll work with you to define your target audience, and then buy inventory on a per impression basis to deliver your message to the right person at the right time.

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