Behavioral Targeting

behavioral targetingReach the customers most predisposed to buy your products or services.

Behavioral targeting delivers relevant advertising information to consumers based on their established online tendencies and other previous choices. Through our partnership with Yahoo!, behavioral targeting provides advertisers with the most advanced online targeting capabilities available.

APT (ad serving platform) aggregates data and inventory from both Yahoo! and our sites. The massive reach and targeting of this collaboration gives banner advertising campaigns the highest potential exposure and results, and increases the brand equity of any advertiser.

  • Creates greater contact with online users.
  • Combines the online search technology of Yahoo! with the local reach and impact of our websites.
  • Gives advertisers a greater ROI from their banner advertising.

Each behavioral targeting segment has unique attributes:

  • Each behavior segment has its own defined purchase cycle.
  • Consumers are placed into a specific category based on recency, relevance and intensity of the behavior.

Behavioral targeting leverages all of our websites, rather than users of only specific sections, providing:

  • Broad reach to quality audiences interested in specific categories or products.
  • Unmatched consumer insights, enabling marketing messages to be highly targeted to a very specific audience.
  • Segmented audiences at scale, utilizing sophisticated models based on unparalled depth of user insights.

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